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Discourse on Teen Pregnancy

Mar 16, 2014Comments off1926 Views

In my post on the New York City teen pregnancy poster campaign I cited Vivyan C. Adair’s essay “Branded with Infamy: Inscriptions of Poverty and


“Same Impunity, Same Pattern”: ...

Jan 20, 2014Comments off1539 Views

Women’s League of Burma has released another report of ongoing sexual violence perpetrated the Burma/Myanmar military in conflict-ridden ethnic areas titled, “Same Impunity, Same Pattern:


One Woman, One Vote Documentary

Dec 27, 2013Comments off1895 Views

A wonderful documentary on the 70 year history of the women’s suffrage movement from the Seneca Falls Convention to Alice Paul’s picketing of the White


Johan Galtung’s six dimensions of violenc...

Dec 09, 2013Comments off3363 Views

In this post we are looking at Johan Galtung’s (1969) article “Violence, Peace and Peace Research.” Written in 1969, it covers some fundamental concepts that


Gene Sharp’s nine types of generic nonvio...

Dec 09, 2013Comments off1304 Views

Gene Sharp’s 1959 article, “The Meanings of Non-Violence: A Typology (Revised),” is considered a major work in the study of nonviolence as a means of


Burma Refuses to Sign “Declaration of Com...

Sep 26, 2013Comments off1365 Views

Burma’s government withheld support for a declaration of the UN General Assembly this week which seeks to end sexual violence in conflict zones. The declaration


Nearly one in four men surveyed in the Asia...

Sep 17, 2013Comments off1348 Views

Partners for Prevention (P4P), a joint program consisting of the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Population Fund, the United Nations Entity for Gender


Kachin Women’s Association Thailand’s h...

Jun 17, 2013Comments off1414 Views

Kachin Women’s Association Thailand has released the report Pushed to the Brink. The report assesses a rise in incidents of human trafficking along the Kachin-China

NYC campaign teen pregnancy

NYC campaign against young mothers

Jun 03, 2013Comments off1249 Views

Vivyan C. Adair’s essay, “Branded with Infamy: Inscriptions of Poverty and Class in the United States,” is a great way to think about the NYC


It only takes a girl

May 18, 2013Comments off1093 Views


Muslim Women Against FEMEN

Apr 21, 2013Comments off1579 Views

There has been a rather troubling scandal after a young woman in Tunisia posted topless photos of herself on Facebook with the words “[m]y body